Welcome to Season 9 of
Valley Ghost Walks
2016 NEWS:

The new season has arrived! 

There are currently two
Grapely Ghost Walks scheduled at
the Grand Pre Winery.

Friday, August 26, 7pm
Friday, September 23, 6:30pm

These are compilation shows featuring ghosts
from all 4 towns we haunt:
Wolfville, Kentville, Windsor, & Halls Harbour.
For tickets, purchase here on Ticketpro.ca

Or, go to any Ticketpro outlet 
Or, cash-only before the show
(very limited tickets, chance to sell out)

$20 With Wine, $15 Without Wine

We're in The Grapevine!

We're very happy to have our ad appear
The Grapevine this issue.
The WBDC is helping to
promote local arts,
so big thanks to them as well. 

 Please note the correct
version of the ad above.
It's close to what was printed,
but this one allows for more wiggle room
in adding more shows.

Besides the upcoming
2 Grapely Walks
at the Grand Pre Winery,
the 2016 season isn't quite planned out.
Although, I can see there being regular
Thursday walks in September and October. 


As of Thursday, August 11th, we are... 
Please contact Jerome@valleyghostwalks.com 
Looking for guys aged 40+ 
Not looking for perfection,
just have fun with the role. 

Please contact Jerome....

2016 Schedule
Thursday, August 4, - Completed with 31 brave souls
Friday, August 26, 7pm Grand Pre Winery
Friday, September 23, 6:30pm Grand Pre Winery

The 8th year, 2015, of Valley Ghost Walks is complete:
36 shows, 908 guests, 25 average

8 Year Totals:
176 shows, 5443 guests, 31 average

Click here for information on Wolfville's Ghost Walks.
Click here for information on Kentville Ghost Walks.
Click here for information on Windsor Ghost Walks.
Click here for information on Halls Harbour Ghost Walks.
Click here for information on Grapely Ghost Walks.
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