2009 in Review
2009 Updates

June 11th, 25th - (completed w/1 & 3 guests)
July 9th, 23rd - (completed w/22 & 32 guests)
August 6th, 20th, 27th - (completed w/18, 41 & 50 guests)
September 3rd, 17th (completed w/28 & 23 guests)
October 1st, 15th (completed w/14 & 47 guests)
October 29th & 31st (completed w/49 & 26 guests)
November 5th (completed w/27 guests)

Average per show (not including June) = 31 people


Season 2 wouldn't have happened without the
tremendous acting skills of the ghostly apparitions:

Mona Parsons - by Anna Reich
  Bessie DeWolfe - by Laura Ferguson
Mrs. Benedict (& Mona Parsons) - by Beth Brewster
Mr. Billy Oliver (& Isaac Chipman) - by Mike Butler
Billy Oliver - by Howie Wagner
 Isaac Chipman - by Ross Chapman
Evangeline & Katie May - by Sarah Pound
Katie May - by Courtney Harris
Mysterious Piper - David Litrun
Mysterious Piper - Gabin

What a talented cast! I can't thank you enough.

Night Kitchen Dynamite - Saturday June 5th, 2010.
Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville
(Thanks Andy & Ariana)
The Battle of Blomidon is a well-documented event which happened
May, 1781

On Friday July 10th psychic John Hebert from Kingston ON came
for a tour of the haunted Seminary House at Acadia University.
These two pictures (above & below) were taken by his friend Keith.

The first, if blown up and perhaps tilted,
could almost have the outline a little face and two little
hands pushed up against the glass
(top left window smudge with the brown wood panel background).

The second (below), taken in front of Ebenezer Bishop's grave,
has a small light orb above the tombstone (not the traffic light).
Perhaps Ebenezer just wanted to say hello.